Conversations about creative process, culture and media production in the age of AI

Hello, tansi, she:kon! I am a creative arts and media production professor based in Tkaronto (Toronto) Canada with Seneca Polytechnic.

Pro-human, not anti-AI

I believe the integration of AI in our lives calls for a renewed emphasis on

human-centered design, prioritizing empathy and ethical values.

Decolonizing digital storytelling

Focusing on dismantling colonial narratives and embracing Indigenous voices, ensuring stories reflect diverse perspectives and resist cultural erasure.

Relational media production practices

Emphasizing the importance of relationships and community engagement in media creation, fostering empathy and ethical collaboration.

Ethical narratives in AI

Advocating for the integration of ethical considerations in AI-driven storytelling, ensuring that narratives uphold human dignity and avoid bias.

Innovating with compassion

Encouraging innovation in media and technology that prioritizes human empathy, ethical practices, and social responsibility

Power, control, and ethics in media technologies

Exploring the dynamics of power and control in media technologies, advocating for ethical use and distribution of technological resources.

Trust and accountability in AI

Addressing the importance of building trust and accountability in AI systems, ensuring transparency and reliability in media applications.

“We’re at a tipping point in human history, where delegating as a habit may lead us to outsource aspects of our lives we’d benefit more from experiencing ourselves.”

John C. Havens

Heartificial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity to Maximize Machines (2016)